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Fue Hair Transplant

It is the removal of hair follicles (follicular unit; FU) with circular incisions from the scalp with 1mm and smaller diameter instruments. The only difference of this method known as Fue Motor from the old method is that the practitioner does not have to remove the follicular unit manually. In fact, despite basically the same, the practitioner and the patient gain time with the new method. The apparatus at the end of the Punch Biopsy pen is connected to a motor and the speed of the motor can be adjusted as desired. The thickness of the tips is changed and tips with the desired lumen diameter are attached according to the donor area. Of course, the only advantage of the Fue motor is not just the time it saves. In addition, the tissue depth can be standardized as desired thanks to the motor, which eliminates the need to control the tissue depth continuously. Again, thanks to the Fue Engine, grafts can be taken at more frequent intervals and more grafts can be removed from the area taken with the motor when compared to the same amount of area scanning. Another advantage of the motor is that it is less likely to break up grafts with multiple follicles, ie 2-3 or even 4 follicles, in other words, the success of the follicular unit to preserve its integrity is higher

For these reasons, it can be said that hair transplantation has turned into a more comfortable operation thanks to the Fue Motor. Although the way the follicles are removed is different, the opening of the channels and the transplantation stages are the same as in other methods.

Although the FUE method is now healthier and more comfortable, it is necessary to know that it is an operation that requires attention and detailed work and experience. Transplanting the hair at the natural growth angle and direction, transplanting the hair follicles quickly without waiting outside, and explaining the pre- and post-transplantation process are the most important factors in the healthiness and successfulness of this operation. Since hair transplantation is an application that is detailed, sensitive and requires medical equipment, you should be careful when choosing the centre where you will have the operation performed.

DHİ Hair Transplant

For hair follicles/grafts removed from the donor area to be transplanted, no holes are made in the areas where the hair will be transplanted, and hair follicles are directly transplanted with special tips. This technique is more difficult and takes longer when compared to the classical FUE technique, on the other hand, it ensures that the healing process is faster because there is no incision. The fact that no hole is made in the area to be transplanted increases the number of follicles that can be transplanted and allows more intensive transplanting.

DHI technique is one of the new and very special techniques of hair transplantation with FUE technique that can be applied in only a few hair transplantations centres in the world, including Turkey.

Advantages of hair transplantation with DHI technique

The most important feature of this technique is that this is the newest hair transplantation technique that is closest to natural hair, has a low risk of scar, hair density is denser, and has a high recovery rate thanks to special needles. The density it provides is twice the strip / lateral incision technique, 40-60 grafts per square centimetre. This density provides a great coating opportunity in the hair loss area.

It offers the possibility of hair transplantation at different angles for people who will have hair transplantation, especially when applied to sensitive areas such as hairline, it provides a more natural appearance and much more successful results.

Since it is a very sensitive technique that needs to be applied one by one, a team of experts and highly successful in their field works in hair transplantation centres where this technique is used. Hair design in hair transplantation with the DHI technique achieves the most natural and successful results.


Sapphire Hair Transplant

The most important feature of the sapphire technique is that the hair looks natural, adapts to the tissue, and minimizes the possibility of necrosis with the channels opened with a sapphire tipped pen.

In the transplantation of roots transferred from donor areas, 2 different transplantation techniques are used in the world. The first and commonly used technique is Classical Slit Technique. The follicles are transplanted in channels prepared with a thin, straight incision in the transplantation area. The channels where the follicles will be transplanted are opened beforehand with thin slits. The second is sapphire technique applied the latest. The follicles are not transplanted in straight incisions, but in round holes opened with a sapphire tipped pen.

What is its difference from other methods and why should this method be preferred?

Hair Mesotherapy

In cases where advanced spills are experienced; The situation can be intervened by performing hair transplantation. Likewise, when the hair structure is weakened and a fuller appearance is needed; It is possible to get positive results thanks to hair transplantation and hair treatment applications to be performed by the company. In addition to hair transplantation applications, there are many new techniques to revitalize the existing hair structure.

In hair mesotherapy; The minerals, vitamins and amino acids needed by the hair are mixed and injected into the scalp with the help of very fine-tipped needles. Thanks to the hair mesotherapy method applied by various centers and clinics; spills can be prevented to a large extent. With these technical treatments, the structure of the hair becomes thicker. The amount of new hair growing is increasing. The method also prevents dandruff in the hair to a large extent. The natural color of the hair is preserved and graying is prevented. More voluminous hair is obtained and the life of the hair is extended.



Thanks to its expert staff, our center also successfully applies the Prp hair treatment method. Prp method; It is a method used to improve existing hair. In this method, the blood of the people to be treated is taken and the substances in this blood are separated and turned into plasma. This prepared plasma serum is injected into the areas where the hair of the person who has the treatment is weak, and to the scalp with the method called “napaj”.

The Prp method performed takes 30 minutes. After the procedure, the patient does not have any scars or scars. The fact that the injected mixture is prepared from the person’s own blood reduces the possibility of catching germs to zero. After the applied method, people can easily return to their daily routines. The recommended application period is to repeat the process once a month for 3 months.

Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard and mustache are important factors in the identity formation of male individuals. In the absence of beard and mustache, some social problems may occur in the person.

In some people, the beard and mustache can only be in certain areas. Apart from these, as an additional problem; Burn marks, ringworm and wounds can also be encountered. Individuals who want to correct this situation are looking for a solution in beard and mustache transplantation. Today, there are treatment methods for all kinds of beard and mustache problems. One of these methods is beard and mustache transplantation, which is a medical method.

How to Make a Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Roots are taken from the nape of the body, usually according to the person’s request. Then, the transplant areas are determined by our expert team, taking into account the wishes of the person. FUE method is used during sowing.


Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplantation

In people, sometimes due to diseases, accidents and sometimes genetically, deformities can be seen in the eyebrows. These disorders affect the visuality negatively.

Eyebrow transplantation is performed with the FUE technique, which eliminates this problem. Local anesthesia is applied to the person to be transplanted, then micro channels are opened with a lateral slit and sowing is made into these channels. 0.6 mm and 0.7 mm needles are used. It is important that the roots are single like the hairs in the eyebrows and that the channels are opened in the same direction.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

The fact that many people who are considering hair transplantation learn that they have to have their hair cut, causes them not to dare to have this operation. A few years ago; In the classical method of hair transplantation operations, when grafts (hair follicles) were taken, this entire area had to be shaved. Walking around with some of the hair shaved off made many people uncomfortable in their social lives. At this point, unshaven hair transplantation; by offering the solution of performing the transplant operation without the need for shaving the hair; It has brought a positive alternative for everyone.

In a normal Fue hair transplant operation, the hair in the area between the two ears should be shaved to zero. However, some people do not want all of their hair to be shaved in hair transplantation due to their position in their work or for other reasons. The unshaven hair transplant method emerged as a result of this need.

For the implementation of this technique, the hair between the two ears should be long. In this area, an average of 10-15 cm is shaved to be zero. The uncut hair on the top will serve to camouflage this area.

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